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Bkav security expert unlocked iphone X Face IT with 3D printed mask [Video]

Bkav's security experts (from Vietnam) have successfully crafted a new mask, which beats Face ID in the way that twins unlock iPhone X. With this new research, Bkav raises the severity level to all users, instead of just some special individuals in Bkav's previous recommendations.

In this new experiment, Bkav used a 3D mask (which costs ~200 USD), made of stone powder, with glued 2D images of the eyes. Bkav experts found out that stone powder can replace paper tape (used in previous mask) to trick Face ID' AI at higher scores. The eyes are printed infrared images – the same technology that Face ID itself uses to detect facial image. These materials and tools are casual for anyone. An iPhone X has its highest security options enabled, then has the owner's face enrolled to set up Face ID, then is immediately put in front of the mask, iPhone X is unlocked immediately. There is absolutely no learning of Face ID with the new mask in this experiment.

Bkav names this new mask "the artificial twin", since this research has shown that the way an iPhone X unlocked by the mask is similar to by twins.

Below is the full clip of "artificial twin" mask beating Face ID:

Full article published earlier by Bkav Security firm page

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