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Over 40 years of combined Telecommunication and IT solutions


Since its foundation in 2010, Smartlink Telecom has been growing with new products and services being added each step on the way.


SmartLink Telecom valuable reputation grow over years our analytical skills allow us to identify opportunities and be trusted by technology companies to lead such an innovative national and international projects.


Our team of experts understand the mechanics of business and technology and continue to be an important asset in our growth and your success, providing you with the expert guidance and support to meet your unique goals and objectives


In addition to our Telecommunication services, we expanded our portfolio to include Cloud Computing, IT Security, and Consultancy.

Our professional consultants from a VP level and subject matter experts in the following areas:

  • Telecommunications

  • Engineering Management

  • Data Analysis

  • Cloud Computing  

  • Unified Communications   

  • IT and Enterprise Security

  • Mobile Application.

  • Software Development and Engineering.

  • Petroleum, Power and Electric Engineering

  • Systems and Solution Architect

  • Mobile Network Planning and Optimization

  • RF Engineering

  • Foresight and Innovation

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Project Management

  • Contact Centers and Customer Experience

  • Product Management

  • Pharmaceutical Research and Management

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Social Media and Digital Marketing

  • Web Design


If you looking for informative and accurately design project solution or any type of consultancy then you reached the right place, Our team of expertise ranging from Technology, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, and Medical services 

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